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International Women's Day as occasion for another event "Girls have a word"


Belgrade, 9th March, 2020 – On the occasion of International Women's Day, eighth grade students of Elementary School "Jovan Ducic" in New Belgrade have participated in the event  Girls have a word“ as a part of the Inspiring girls campaign conducted by the NGO Crta, with the support of Marbo Product - PepsiCo. The purpose of this event, as well as the whole campaign, is to encourage girls to choose professions freely and confidently, not influenced by stereotypes but guided by their affinities and talents.

The students interlocutor were women who build successful careers in various fields, and they joined this project as volunteers: Sanja Miladinović, Talent Acquisition manager of company PepsiCo Western Balkan, Ivana Rovčanin, manager of demand planning and customer collaboration in PepsiCo Western Balkan, Milica Čiča, Data Sourcing&Community menager in HERE company Technologies and
Coordinator of the project for implementation of ICT in high schools and Maja Goračinska,  lead architect in Trem Architects studio and founder of retention Through interviews with volunteers girls could learn more about professional development opportunities in the environment of an international corporation such as Marbo Product - PepsiCo Western Balkans.

 „International Women's Day was another occasion for a series of events in order to help girls get closer to the professional opportunities they are offered. The PepsiCo Western Balkans team is just one of those teams where women have exceptional representation and are in a wide variety of positions. The women in our team are players who make an immeasurable contribution, and the equality and inclusivity of the environment we nurture is a framework that enables them to express their full potential. We believe that girls that we have hung out today will proudly be able to contribute to the results of the environment in which they work, maybe even with us at the company“said Ljiljana Radosavljević, PPGA and Communications Manager at PepsiCo West Balkans.  

The "Inspiring girls" campaign, modeled by the successful campaign of the same name from the United Kingdom, is carried out in Serbia by the organization Crta. Our goal is that girls believe in themselves and not give up on their choices. Also, we would like to draw attention to the fact that in Serbia only 30% of women are at leadership positions. We believe in a world of equal opportunity and a leader of the future ", said Milica Đerić, coordinator of the campaign „Inspiring Girls“ in Serbia.