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Second generation of Chipsy Agro Academy students graduated



Maglic, Septembar 17, 2019Visiting the Marbo Product factory in Maglic and awarding diplomas in the presence of the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, Mr. Branislav Nedimovic, the second generation of Chipsy Agro Academy students have graduated. This has ended Marbo Product's multi-month educational program for students of the Faculty of Agriculture in Belgrade, initiated with the aim of providing practical knowledge in the field of potato cultivation.

Twelve final-year students from the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade, participated in the process from sowing to harvesting potatoes. With the support of representatives of the Marbo Product Agro Team, students have gained knowledge about the practical work of potato cultivation in one place, and by visiting the factory they also saw how potatoes were further used in the production of Chipsy and Lay's brands.

Marbo Product applies the highest standards in production, as well as in the raw materials it buys and in which it actively participates. „Our goal is to help create a new generation of farmers as well as support local potato production, since local potato growers are our main suppliers. This is how we want to create a farmer for the 21st century, since we see support for young people and their education as one of the best investments, and we hope that this year's Chipsy Agro Academy has succeeded“ said Danijel Nedinić, Marbo Product's factory manager.

To complete the field-to-bag experience, after harvesting the potatoes they sowed, the students had the opportunity to visit the factory and see what the production process looks like, and upon completion of the project, they have got a finished product made from raw materials they have produces by themselves.